Historical Note: Pacific Research

Sometimes, research is a little more complicated.

Yes, the Web lets the average person do a great deal more research than was possible 10 years ago.  With a carefully posed question and a list of goals, you can accomplish a great deal online.  Sometimes, though, you don’t find the answer you expect.  Sometimes, you can’t tell whose answers are fair and reasonable and which are serving an unarticulated agenda.  Sometimes, its more than you can manage – with everything else on your task list.

Pacific Research gathered statistical and other published materials, located and spoke to experts and industry groups, framed assumptions and projections in an objective view, and asked your questions with a clear aim at meeting your goals — for more than 30 years.

This earlier work informs what 5bracket can do for you. We understand real research as well as how narratives inform what people believe, how people decide, and what people think.  Contact us if we can help.